Carling has been at the forefront of the conflict

Modi and Macron have been jointly recognised in the Policy Leadership category for their pioneering work in championing the International Solar Alliance and promoting new areas of levels of cooperation on environmental action, including the French president&crate mold Suppliers39;s work on the Global Pact for the Environment and Modi's "unprecedented" pledge to eliminate all single-use plastic in India by 2022..Modi and Macron are among the six of the world's most outstanding environmental changemakers recognised with the Champions of the Earth Award.Past laureates include: Afroz Shah, who led the world's largest beach cleanup (2016), Rwandan President Paul Kagame (2016), former US Vice-President Al Gore (2007), Ocean Cleanup CEO Boyan Slat (2014), scientist-explorer Bertrand Piccard, and developer of Google Earth Brian McClendon (2013).The gala, hosted by actor and environmental activist Alec Baldwin and model, actress, producer and UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador Dia Mirza, will bring together a cross section of world leaders and influencers to celebrate momentum for change in defense of our one planet.The Champions of the Earth award is the UN's highest environmental recognition celebrating exceptional figures from the public and private sectors and from civil society, whose actions have had a transformative positive impact on the environment.

“The Champions of the Earth # Award and Young Champions of the Earth Prize recognise those not afraid to chart unknown waters or be the voice of the voiceless.The International Solar Alliance (ISA) is an Indian initiative jointly launched by Modi and the French president in November 2015 in Paris on the sidelines of COP-21, the UN Climate Conference.United Nations: Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French President Emmanuel Macron have been jointly awarded with the UN's highest environmental honour for their pioneering work in championing the International Solar Alliance and promoting new areas of cooperation on environmental action. These people are changing our world today for a better tomorrow.Cochin International Airport has also been honoured this year with the award for Entrepreneurial Vision, for its leadership in the use of sustainable energy.

The ISA is a treaty-based international body for promotion of solar energy in alliance with solar-rich countries located fully or partially between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. "This years' laureates are recognised for a combination of bold, innovative and tireless efforts to tackle some of the most urgent environmental issues of our times," the UN Environment Programme said. “In a world of uncertainty, this is certain: We will not solve the extraordinary challenges our world faces today without extraordinary talent, new thinking and bold ideas,” said Head of UN Environment Erik Solheim.Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are jointly recognised in the Science and Innovation category, for their revolutionary development of a popular, plant-based alternative to beef, and for their efforts to educate consumers about environmentally conscious alternatives.The other winners of the 2018 Champions of the Earth Awards are Joan Carling, recognised with the lifetime achievement award for her work as one of the world's most prominent defenders of environmental and indigenous rights.This exceptionally successful eco-restoration programme shows the transformative power of economic and environmental development together.” The awards will be presented during the Champions of the Earth Gala in New York City, on the sidelines of the 73rd UN General Assembly.

Carling has been at the forefront of the conflict for land and the environment for more than 20 years. “Cochin is showing the world that our ever-expanding network of global movement doesn't have to harm the environment. China's Zhejiang's Green Rural Revival Programme is awarded for Inspiration and Action for the transformation of a once heavily polluted area of rivers and streams in East China's Zhejiang province. As the pace of society continues to increase, the world's first fully solar-powered airport is proof positive that green business is good business,” UNEP said

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On the third day of my quarantine

Shortly after I stepped off a flight from Singapore, an official at the Hong Kong immigration counter gestured for me to extend my arm, then strapped a bulky plastic box to my wrist.It did make a handy conversation starter.The bulky tracker turned out to be a new version released after Hong Kong admitted that only a third of the first-generation wristbands actually worked. When I needed fresh air, I’d stick my head out of the one window in my living room that wasn’t grilled shut, envying people walking freely outside..Since neither tracker nor app did much to attract attention, it was easy to forget I was under surveillance _ at least, until an alert popped up on my iPhone to remind me the app was watching. The rest simply never activated. Sometimes I’d forget about it entirely. One attendee called it my ankle monitor. What a relief.Over the next two weeks, I wore the tracker in the shower, while exercising, and of course to sleep. I had to rely on the goodwill of my flatmate to help me buy groceries and the like, and I used food delivery services for most of my meals to avoid having to trouble her.

Free at last. Those didn’t look so bad.On the taxi ride home, I examined it closely.I wasn’t about to take it off to find out, even though having a tracker branded me as a potential risk to society, at least for two weeks. After that, if I left my home or stepped more than 30 feet from my phone for a prolonged period of time, the app would alert authorities that I may have broken quarantine.Just to be sure, though, I got out a hammer and a screwdriver and cracked the tracker open, then China household appliance injection mold Manufacturers removed the small circuit board inside and pulled out its battery.

At other moments, the constant presence on my wrist was all I could feel, a perpetual reminder that I was a virtual prisoner in my home.Despite the jokes, I was keenly aware that I was privileged to be in comfortable quarters, unlike some who had to quarantine in Hong Kong’s infamous cage homes _ regular apartments effectively subdivided into tiny cells.Hong Kong: It took only a few seconds. When I showed it off at a friend’s Zoom birthday party, many giggled at the size of it. The tracker hardly looked like a high-tech device meant to keep tabs on me. Immediately, I snipped off the tracker and tapped the “Finish the quarantine” button in the app before uninstalling it.Sometimes, I’d forget which day of the week it was.And just like that, I had a new companion for the next 14 days of self-isolation — a government quarantine tracker. On the 10th day, two uniformed officers came knocking, asking me to show identification to prove I hadn’t gone anywhere. I found myself trying to hide it when I arrived at my apartment building, afraid others might see and shun me.

On the third day of my quarantine, a government official called to check if I was at home. It was so light that I wondered if maybe it was an empty shell, a cheap fake to trick me into staying put.In online pictures, the trackers were inconspicuous devices almost like a concert wristband.But being in quarantine also frustrated me.When the clock struck midnight on Sunday, my quarantine was over. What I got, though, was a gadget about the size of a deck of cards that I had to pair with a government quarantine app

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Spending time getting used to this led to changing

Along with these, it also supports FM radio and has a 2,000mAh battery which provides it with 6-8 hours of playback.VerdictBluetooth speakers are great for those wanting to enjoy the good quality sound for group settings. The 10 Watt speaker supports Bluetooth 4.BuildThe speaker has a cylindrical, drum-like shape with a cloth mesh cover on a plastic body. It also has a rope at the top which doubles up as a handle, to make carrying it around easy.

Hong-Kong-based manufacturer Sound One’s Drum Bluetooth speaker launched in March this year. The buttons needed to be long-pressed to change the volume and short-pressed for changing songs.. The two volume buttons also change songs for the speaker. After a sizeable amount of time spent using the speaker, we would say that the latter is probably what the Sound One Drum would be best used for. The uses vary — parties, outdoor camping, or calm and sober gatherings. With some sibilance being heard and its external looks and durability seemingly average, Sound One’s Drum Bluetooth speaker seems to be a little over-priced for its performance. Promising enhanced pallet mold suppliers audio quality with a tough, durable exterior the speaker launched priced at Rs 3,490 at stores and e-commerce websites. However learning how to do this, wasted time as well as obstructed smooth usage.

PerformanceThe Sound One Drum produces some sibilance at high volumes of high pitched-songs, something which many songs suitable for parties have in common. To decide on whether your purchase of Sound One’s Drum speaker would be a good decision, you would have to classify your use for it as one among these three or more. Read further to understand what exactly missed the mark on the Sound One Drum.However, the top looks quite attractive as it is decorated by a jazzy display of lights circling around the keys and a small circle in-between them.The speaker also supports answering calls, directly by using its in-built microphone.

Spending time getting used to this led to changing songs frequently when I just wanted to change the volume and leading to an overall frustrating experience. However, when I used it my voice was very low on the receiving end.The speaker is marked at Rs 3,490; however, it is available for around Rs 2,000 on e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart. Along with this, the speaker also does not have a very high maximum volume. This should not matter much however, since the feature would only be used occasionally for Bluetooth speaker.At the top, it has four buttons to help you find your way around your music which includes a power/mute button, two volume buttons and a play/pause button. These cannot be turned off, which annoyed me a bit since listening to music, watching a film or a video in the dark would be a little less enjoyable because of its shifting lights. The design looks good and the speaker also feels quite sturdy and feels like it would be able to withstand a few drops. Thus these two things would make it unfit for hosting loud parties.I spent almost a week using the speaker and thought that while it had a wonderful exterior, there were some critical quality issues which it missed on.5 with EDR technology and has a microSD card slot and a Micro-USB port and an aux input

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If the OC is not arrested under non-bailable

A junior doctor at a private hospital here China Barrel injection mold has lodged a complaint of physical assault against a police officer, who had taken admission at the plastic surgery department for a wrist surgery.An official at CMRI said Geddam was attacked while he trying to understand Mr Dutta’s medication routine from the prescriptions submitted to the hospital during admission.There seems to be “no end to such assaults on doctors” despite the government’s multiple awareness campaigns on the issue, Santanu Sen, the state secretary of IMA, told PTI.The state IMA secretary threatened to intensify protests if action was not initiated against the accused police officer in the next 24 hours.“We are looking into the matter and trying to find out what was the problem.

“The attack at CMRI happened even after the Kolkata police issued warnings against such measures.Mr Dutta, who underwent a wrist surgery on Wednesday morning, allegedly slapped the junior doctor with his left hand after grabbing him by his neck when asked about his medications, a senior police officer said quoting Mr Geddam’s complaint.Meanwhile, the state Indian Medical Association (IMA) unit on Thursday wrote to chief minister Mamata Banerjee seeking her intervention into the matter and action against the accused police officer.Deputy commissioner (South) Meeraj Khalid said a probe has been initiated into the matter.

Proper action will be taken against the guilty as per the law,” Khalid said, adding that the incident prompted deployment of policemen in large numbers at the hospital on Wednesday night.The Mamata Banerjee-led government had come up with the West Bengal Clinical Establishments Regulatory Commission last year, following an attack by a mob over a death at CMRI.The alleged assault, around 7 pm on Wednesday, triggered a temporary ceasework by other doctors in almost all wards of Calcutta Medical Research Institute, barring the emergency and critical care units, an official at the private hospital said.

“If the OC is not arrested under non-bailable sections of the IPC in the next 24 hours, then doctors should stop treating police persons,” he added. Now we have a case of a police officer assaulting a doctor,” Mr Sen said.The protesting doctors resumed work last night only after the police “promised them justice” in the case, he said, adding that the OC signed a “discharge on risk bond” on Thursday morning and left the hospital.Mr Geddam, a resident of Andhra Pradesh, in his complaint, said he suffered abrasions on his neck following the assault, he said.In his complaint at the Alipore police station, Srinivas Geddam, a post-graduate trainee doctor with CMRI, said Jadavpur police station officer-in-charge (OC) Pulak Kumar Dutta hit him when he was attending to his medical case.The Jadavpur police station OC or his family members could not be contacted for their comments. “We conducted a medical examination on Mr Geddam which showed abrasions in two places, musculoskeletal wounds and tenderness, which could be a result of the assault,” the CMRI official said

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The red coral broke off under the hammer blows

"Stability these days is a privilege," says Assaf Zvuloni. And not everyone lets themselves go.So Assaf Zvuloni and his Israeli colleague Assaf Habary put on their diving equipment, to immerse themselves with chisels and hammers."It will take a crowbar," said Assaf Habary gravely. Assaf Zvuloni arranges it carefully next to other corals in a pink plastic case.Maintenance work is planned on this oil jetty, which is several hundred meters in the sea.

Each coral is home to animals and plants. "Corals are generally very important animals, they make their environment live, and so is more than the coral itself," says Zvuloni. But the corals of the northern Red Sea are holding out for the moment, to the point of becoming a subject of study in Israel.

Global warming and rising water temperatures are causing corals to whitewash and die around the world. This is where most of the corals are transferred, either on the reef or in a large aquarium.All corals do not survive transplantation."Under the water and under the eyes of AFP journalists, he places his chisel at the base of a coral and begins to type carefully.The latter bends to grab the crate and places in a large blue container at the back of the boat that oscillates on the waves. The metallic percussions break the marine silence.A smaller portion goes to local educational facilities, and even to the zoo aquarium in Jerusalem, hundreds of miles further north. The boat returns at full speed near the submarine observatory. In a year, a thousand coral has been relocated, says Assaf Zvuloni, from the oil jetty or other nearby infrastructure, but also from waste deposited at the bottom of the sea.

The red coral broke off under the hammer blows. "You have to save them," says Habary, of the Israeli Government&China pallet mold Manufacturers39;s Wildlife Authority, "It's important to preserve the health of the ecosystem. But, with the work planned on the installation, the Authority was given the task of moving it. The World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef in Australia has experienced four severe bleaching events over the last 20 years.The coral uses pier pillars near the seaside town of Eilat at the southern tip of Israel as an artificial reef, creating shimmering mosaics that sustain much of the surrounding marine ecosystem.. The two divers then join the surface, where Avi waits for them, pilot of the small motor boat which brought them.Israeli: In the azure waters of the Red Sea, # more than three meters deep, marine ecology researcher Assaf Zvuloni grabs a bright red coral attached to a metal pillar supporting a pier.While the Israeli shores of the Red Sea are largely occupied by human activity and tourism, the edge of the pier is forbidden to boats and divers, and the coral thrives quietly. marine - their days are numbered. The two scientists spend long minutes trying to dislodge a domed yellow coral from its base before resigning to return. If we do not move the corals that have taken up residence here - with all the benefits that they produce on the underwater life

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It was really inconvenient

That is still less than the world&wholesale Automobile Parts Finish39;s trash titan, the United States, which produced 258 million tonnes. So much!". But China is gaining fast and the World Bank predicts Chinese garbage could reach a staggering 500 million tonnes annually by 2030.China produced just 30 million tonnes of trash in 1980, but that soared to 210 million in 2017, according to World Bank figures.But she has been won over by a noticeable reduction in flies and odour since sorting started, she says. There is really a sense of urgency," said Alizee Buysschaert, founder and director of environmental consultancy Zero Waste Shanghai.The scheme is a business opportunity for others, with start-ups offering app-based garbage collection and sorting services.China: Every day, Shanghai produces around 26,000 tonnes of garbage –- equal in weight to the Statue of LibertyNie Feng used to toss his rubbish outside his Shanghai flat without a thought while rushing to work, but saving China from a garbage crisis now requires him to consult a complex diagram each morning.

The issue is straining municipal services nationwide and prompting unrest.On July 1, Shanghai launched China's most ambitious garbage separation and recycling programme ever, as the country confronts a rising tide of trash created by increasing consumption.With its 1."Shanghai is piloting a programme set for eventual nationwide adoption in what would likely be the world's largest waste separation and recycling scheme -- and it is desperately needed.""Shanghai has lots of people, and so much rubbish.Government officials declined AFP interview requests."We need a really big push and I think the government realised that."The big shift is that it is much more centralised and it's incentivised now.With a phased national roll-out set to gain pace next year, Shanghai's experience has become one of the most talked-about topics in the country, though sometimes for the wrong reasons.True to form, the Communist Party is pushing obeisance via a public campaign larded with red banners emblazoned with revolutionary exhortations such as "storm the citadel of trash sorting.Led by the likes of Alibaba, Chinese e-commerce has exploded, producing billions of parcel deliveries annually with their associated packaging.""We weren't used to it at first."We have to get this right before the fines really start.

That's really a game-changer because now everyone is talking about it and everyone is involved and on their toes," she said.The government indicated its alarm last year by banning certain imports of foreign waste that it used to accept for years for recycling, a move that has up-ended global garbage flows. Chinese media said a 33-year-old woman was detained last week for choking a volunteer sorting inspector unconscious during a rules dispute.- 'So much rubbish' -Previous city-level sorting schemes have fizzled, but Buysschaert sees a difference this time."It's for the good of our homeland, but we keep making mistakes," # said Nie, a trading company staffer, laughing as he struggled to separate the bag's contents into various bins. Wuhan has shelved its plan, for now.China is spending billions of dollars on waste-to-energy incineration plants across the country, but repeated protests have flared over fears they will emit toxins.But tempers have flared.Several factors are blamed, including rapid growth and the Communist Party's ongoing push to develop a domestic consumer economy to lessen reliance on the outside world.Nie examines a wall-sized diagram saying fish and pork bones must be separated from each other, and from the plastic bag he carries them in.4 billion consumers, China is becoming swamped by trash. Every day, Shanghai's 25 million people alone produce around 26,000 tonnes –- equal in weight to the Statue of Liberty.Chinese media reports also have indicated that a lot of garbage was still entering bins unsorted.

It was really inconvenient," said 67-year-old pensioner Zhou Shenzhu.Fines range from 200 yuan (USD 29) for household infractions to 50,000 yuan for businesses, though authorities are going easy on imposing them for now.- Growing anger -Last week authorities in the central city of Wuhan sent riot police to quell protests by thousands of citizens against construction of a waste incinerator.Critics have taken aim at seemingly contradictory sorting guidelines and the limited daily hours during which dumping is allowed, which causes problems for those with irregular schedules.Authorities say strict sorting is crucial, making it far easier to separately process recycled items, hazardous waste, compost and biomass.But the programme is the talk of China's biggest city for other reasons as well: confusion over rules and fines for infractions, and thousands of volunteers inspecting citizens' private garbage each day."The propaganda on television says we face great harm if we don't separate

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Devarapalli Prakash Rao who provide free education

RSS leader Darshan Lal Jain who is trying to find the mythical river Saraswati, MDH founder CEO Mahashay Dharam Pal Gulati, medical professional Ashok Laxmanrao Kukade, Nambi Narayanan, mountaineer Bachendri Pal and former CAG V K Shunglu were among those awarded Padma Bhushan. Besides Bajpayee who was conferred Padma Shri for his portrayal of unconventional and critically acclaimed roles, noted tabla player of Lucknow Gharana Swapan Chaudhuri, lawyer H S Phoolka who fought a long legal battle for 1984 anti-Sikh riots victims, scientist Sudam Laxman Kate considered a pioneer in sickle cell research, veteran archaeologist Muhammed K K and particle physicist Rohini Madhusudan Godbole also received the award.

The awards were conferred in two ceremonies with 47 dignitaries receiving the honour on March 11, while 54 were honoured on Saturday. A record 50,000 nominations were received for the 2019 awards, over 20 times more than 2014, when there were just 2,200 nominations.New Delhi: Folk Singer Teejan Bai, Larsen and Toubro chairman Anil Kumar Naik, scientist S Nambi Narayanan, actor Manoj Bajpayee and 106-year-old environmentalist Saalumarada Thimmakka were among the 54 noted citizens conferred the Padma award by President Ram Nath Kovind here on Saturday.Tsering Norboo, a surgeon based in Ladakh, who served for 50 years in remote and high altitude regions; Chinnapillai, a woman China Luggage Assembly Manufacturers farmer who led microfinance in Tamil Nadu through her Kalanjiam movement; and Rajeshwar Acharya, a Hindustani singer were among the recipients of Padma Shri. His wife received the award.

Erstwhile 'Government Awards' transformed into 'Peoples Awards', another official said. Dogri poet Narsingh Dev Jamwal, folk writer Joraversinh Danubhai Jadav, social worker Droupadi Ghimiray, Madhubani painter Godawari Dutta, Parsi Gujarati theatre artist Dinyar R Contractor, Telugu lyricist Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry Chembolu, organic farmer Kanwal Singh Chauhan, Sayyad Shabbir alias Chabbu Sayyad Budhan who cares for cows, German national Friederike Irina Bruning who takes care of sick cows, Uttarakhandi folk singer Pritam Bhartwan, epidemiologist Omesh Kumar Bharti and grass root innovator Uddhab Kumar Bharali were also conferred Padma Shri. Saalumarada Thimmakka who has planted thousands of trees over a period of 65 years, earning the sobriquet of 'Vriksha Mathe' for taking care of them as her children, was also conferred the coveted award. Teejan Bai and Naik received the second highest civilian award Padma Vibhushan.

The nomination process for Padma awards was made online in 2016 and a simple, accessible and secure platform was put in place to encourage citizens at large to participate.This year's awardees were selected from across the nation and segments of society, with the government going beyond excellence and recognising larger impact and the awardees' selfless service, an official said. Daitari Naik, 70-year old tribal from Keonjhar district in Odisha who single-handedly dug a 3 km-long canal with mere hoe and crowbar to bring water to his field in village Baitarani was conferred Padma Shri in 'social work' category.

A pracharak for 13 years, Swarup enjoyed close relations with four RSS Sarsanghachalak from M S Golwalkar to K S Sudarshan, according to an article published in Organiser after his death. Footballer Sunil Chhetri, archer L Bombayla Devi, cricketer Gautam Gambhir, captain of Indian women's basketball team Prashanti Singh were also conferred Padma Shri by the president.Other notable recipients included nature photographer Anup Shah, tea seller Devarapalli Prakash Rao who provide free education to poor children, Director PGI Chandigarh Jagat Ram, tribal activist Kamala Pujari who preserves endangered seeds, farmer from Jhalawar Hukamchand Patidar, promoter of Chhattisgarhi tribal music Anup Ranjan Pandey, first transgender Bharatnatyam dancer Narthaki Nataraj, Bundeli folk writer Kailash Madbaiya, Kutchi rogan artist Abdul Gafur Khatri and papier mache artist Fayaz Ahmad Jan. The ceremony in the imposing Durbar Hall of Rashtrapati Bhavan saw the attendance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his cabinet colleagues Rajnath Singh, Harsh Vardhan, Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, Vijay Goel besides senior BJP leader L K Advani and senior government officials. Bhojpuri singer Heera Lal Yadav, plastic surgeon Ramaswami Venkataswami who works for acid attack victims, farmer Bharat Bhushan Tyagi who promotes organic farming, archaeologist Sharada Srinivasan, former IPS Jyotinivas Kumar Sinha, pisciculturist Sultan Singh, Sanskrit scholars Brijesh Kumar Shukla and Mohammad Hanif Khan Shastri also received Padma Shri. As many as 112 'inspiring' personalities were selected for this year's Padma awards and their names were announced on the eve of Republic Day this year.. Former editor of RSS mouthpiece 'Panchjanya' Devendra Swarup was conferred Padma Shri posthumously

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Imposing dress code is unfair

There is a need for women’s movement to penetrate into these industries to question the age old male dominance and sexism.In a rebellious act at the Cannes Film Festival, actress Kristen Stewart ditched her sky-high Louboutins to climb the stairs before the premiere of Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman, seemingly in protest at the strict dress code of the French festival. There could be various reasons for someone to wear or ditch high heels, as it is personal. I do not know why do they put a strict policy for women to wear heels on the red carpet. You simply cannot ask me to do something that he isn’t doing. They only need to specify the formal-wear policy. Why should a woman be forced to wear high heels? It is ok that they are expected to wear fashionable clothes and there’s a formal dress code policy for men (black tie) and women (gown). Things that are subjective and open to interpretation. The discomfort of wearing heels can be harmful as well. From her statement, I came to know that she was also protesting the double standards of Cannes festival.‘Uniformity is necessary’Samyukta Hornad, ActorSometimes, even when you go to a casual party, there is a need to maintain uniformity – like being the bridesmaid at a wedding where a bunch of people wear the same colour and design matching the theme and story.

It is so awkward. Having a theme-based dress code is good, but you cannot impose it. Big and firm breasts, thin waist, fair skin, pumped up buttocks, flat tummy are a few examples how the eurocentric, dominant white male world constructs the female beauty which result in violence on woman’s body in the form of silicone implants, corsets, footbinding, anorexia and plastic surgeries. The festival cited the “obligatory heels” policy in response to the outrage.The Cannes red carpet has become infamous in recent years for its high heels-only policy, with actresses speaking out against it. People have the right to wear what they are comfortable in. Tennis tournaments have dress code policy but that is only about white colour and not a type of attire. Dress code policy is usually meant to add elegance to the occasion. I support her. The very fact that Kristen Stewart ditched her sky-high Louboutins to climb the stairs, I think, was really spunky. The dress code where you have to wear sky-high heels is a bit unfair. In 2016, Julia Roberts went barefoot on the Cannes red carpet and a year ago, A Quiet Place actor Emily Blunt criticised the ‘no-flats’ rule. One should not think of this as gender bias, but it should neither be China Front Bumper Assembly Factory enforced on people too. I definitely don’t think there is anything wrong with compulsory matters at any event, but it should be more flexible.‘Change begins’Sowjanya Tamalapakula, Faculty, Gender StudiesWomen’s fashion, since ages, has been guided not by the comfort levels but by the male gaze and phallocentric desire. In this context, Kristen Stewart’s act is radical and subversive. The high-profile rebellions against the dress code seem to stem from a 2015 incident wherein middle-aged women wearing rhinestone flats were turned away from a screening of the film Carol. So I do not think it is double standards or men against women. I believe Stewart’s act is the beginning of such change.

I don’t know if there is sexism involved in the issue, but such double standard policies are not good, especially at an international festival like the Cannes. To dress formally and being presentable is fair, but to impose on someone such a dress code as a policy while inviting guests for a festival is unfair. However, there are rules for men too.Awkward double standardsElizabeth Thadikaran, Model, ActorThe controversy around Kristen Stewart’s protest against the no-flat rule is needless as it was her right to decide what to wear and how to wear. The Cannes festival authorities should understand that they are dealing with adults and if they have reached that level, they know how to respect the occasion with their attire. The rest should be left to the attendees. Now, with more actors taking a stand against the unequal wardrobe guidelines and uptight, strict fashion rules at the festival, we talk to gender activists, social thinkers and actors about the dress-code double standards for men and women and ask isn’t it time for a change.

‘Imposing dress code is unfair, not sexist’Raveena Tandon, ActorWell, I honestly think that how you dress and what you are comfortable in, is a personal choice. For instance, if I’m walking the red carpet together with a man, and if someone is questioning me for not wearing heels, they can also question the guy about his dress code. While the ideologies of feminism, anti-racism, gender equality and gender neutrality are pervasive in academic world, the film industry and fashion industry have stayed impenetrable for a long time. Compulsory high heels must be part of a formal association with an event, but I guess it is not practical for everyone and probably needs to be changed. It is necessary to have uniformity at some gatherings.Fashion policingAnil Dharkar, Social ThinkerThis is a silly rule.. It has nothing to do with sexism or gender discrimination because there are women who love wearing high heels. But taking fashion policing to the next level and discrimination against women’s attire is a different matter

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MoMA’s new configuration includes many interdisciplinary

At the multi-disciplinary art school, where Anni Albers studied and taught textile design to a generation of young artists, that spirit carried forth to weaving. Exhibit organizers encourage visitors to use this exhibit as a starting point before taking in other textiles featured on nearly every floor of the museum.With a nod to weaving in ancient times and at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, it goes on to tell how a small group of artists, some of them women sidelined by the more famous men in the Bauhaus movement, pushed the age-old craft in new directions.“There was a modernist obsession with looking at the ancient world for inspiration,” Gardner says.“Just as it is possible to go from any place to any other, so also, starting from a defined and specialized field, can one arrive at the realization of ever-extending relationship . It was donated by none other than Lillie P.Textile artists broke barriers between craft and art by creating sculptural pieces, such as Magdalena Abakanowicz’s enormous, wall-size “Yellow Abakan” (1967-68). Bliss, one of the three founders of MoMA. traced back to the event of a thread,” Albers wrote in 1965.“The textile media have been underappreciated for many years, and there’s definitely a renewed interest now in textiles as taking functional, sculptural and architectural forms,” says Juliet Kinchin, who co-organized the show with Andrew Garner.“It’s a very mathematical process, and there is no placement of a thread that is accidental or out of place,” says Gardner.This exhibit, one of the inaugural exhibits of the new MoMA, opened to the public when the museum reopened on Oct.

It developed a more sculptural approach, known since the 1960s as fiber arts, even as it continued to evolve as an industrial art.“In these cases, they really made the best of it, and made lemonade out of lemons,” he says.The exhibit opens with a look at the history of weaving, with an ancient Coptic tapestry fragment dating to between the 6th and 8th centuries — not the type of thing one might expect to encounter in a MoMA exhibit.New York: Modestly sized but expansive in scope, the exhibit “Taking a Thread for a Walk” in the newly revamped and enlarged Museum of Modern Art explores the often overlooked art of weaving.

MoMA’s new configuration includes many interdisciplinary galleries, and the museum plans to rotate certain works every six months.Although textiles don’t immediately spring to mind when you think about modernist art, Gardner points out that artists as varied as Le Corbusier, Matisse and Miro all created works in fiber.Gardner points out that while some artists chose weaving as their specialty, others, particularly women, were sometimes consigned to it while preferring painting or other media. Until recently, their works were only featured as backdrops to works by other Bauhaus artists, a reflection of the relative lack of respect shown to weaving as an art form.The exhibit takes its name from a quote by artist and Bauhaus professor China Front Door Assembly Manufacturers Paul Klee, who advised approaching drawing by “taking a line for a walk.The show includes Albers’ tapestries, gouaches and screen prints from the ’20s through the ’80s, and even a 1950s loom of hers, as well as video footage of weaving being done on her loom, to give visitors an appreciation for the complexity of the art.MoMA’s “How Should We Live” exhibit earlier this year featured some relatively little-known Bauhaus textiles; the Metropolitan Museum of Art recently exhibited textiles by Frank Lloyd Wright; the New York Botanical Garden included textiles in its recent “Brazilian Modern” show; and the Tate Modern, in London, also recently showed modernist textiles.Works include a 1924 wall hanging by Gunta Stolzl, the only female master at the Bauhaus school.The show also follows the story of fiber arts through its artisanal and industrial iterations, showing that many artists pursued both tracks at once. Also featured is Ed Rossbach’s delicate raffia and lace basket (1973); Aurelia Munoz’s huge “Brown Eagle” (1973), a sculptural piece of macrame of hand-died sisal and yarn; and another Rossbach work, “Slip Cover for a Computer” (1969), made of plastic sandwich bags heat-bonded together so they visually echo the Bauhaus weaving nearby.But the show’s focus is on textiles of the Bauhaus, and by artists trained by Bauhaus teachers and alumni, many of whom — like Albers — moved to the United States, where they continued to teach

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The new cups tailor-made for Air New

It&China wholesale automotive injection mold39;s not the first time the national carrier of New Zealand has experimented with eco-friendly waste management solutions, as in the past it had switched to biodegradable cups on flights and in its lounges.Both Twiice and Air New Zealand are going ahead further to explore new opportunities to expand their partnership. The airline has started serving coffee in edible cups on its flights to minimise onboard waste production.Nikki Chave who is the customer experience manager of the airlines told CNN that around 8 million cups of coffee are served on board Air New Zealand flights each year, and since the launch of this innovative pilot project, the customer feedback for edible cups has so far been positive.

The new cups tailor-made for Air New Zealand have been brought out in vanilla flavour and are resistant to melting from warm fluids, such as coffee.Wellington: Munching on the cup in which you just drank your coffee doesn't sound too appetising at first but what Air New Zealand has come up with recently might change your mind. As told by Jamie Cashmore, the co-founder of Twiice, his company is working towards the development of a whole # range of edible crockery such as plates and dishes that would eventually be served on the flights of its sky flying partner.

The airline is no stranger to going the extra mile to go green, as in this year's July, it ditched single-use plastic containers in favour of small reusable bowls to serve condiments..To go a step further, the airline collaborated with Twiice, a family business based in New Zealand that specialises in making edible cups, reported CNN Travel

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